Couldn't have asked for a better driver/service. Vuthy picked us up in Phnom Phen and drove us to Siem Reap showing us a lot of great things along the way. Vuthy was cheerful and a great driver. He knew a lot of information about the area and showed us some of the local markets. I would definitely recommend Vuthy and his services to friends and family. Over the top, well dondone job. Hope to see him again sometime!

Brian Fitzgerald

My first trip to Cambodia and I was lucky to have such a great driver. Mr Khen was an excellent English speaker and even more skilled driver. We had a very busy schedule and made all of our appointments. He was very familiar with the roads and an extremely skilled safe driver. Mr. Khen has a lot of integrity and could be a great asset to any company foe his English, driving, personal and professional skills. I will recommend his services to all of my colleagues that plan on coming to Cambodia for official work throughout this year. If you are coming to Cambodia this is the guy you want to accompany you for your journey. Regards, Brian

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