Nico Millen

I want to thank Vuthy for the professional service he provided us. From contacting him and his team in Phnom Penh to dropping us of at our guesthouse in Siem Reap, the confirmation of the booking, the reasurance that he was on his way and the pleasant conversation and stops on the way, you are just a great human. Thank you for bringing me my laptop I forgot in the vehicle, you are the best.

Olivia Wyatt

United States
This company was an absolute LIFESAVER. We had a trip to Siem Reap planned with hotel already booked, but couldn't get a bus ticket due to it being a holiday! Cambodia private taxi responded really quickly and connected us with a driver via WhatsApp. We drove from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with Phoeun (nicknamed Lucky). He was prompt, friendly, professional, really accommodating with bathroom stops, and gave us a lot of background info on the provinces we drive through along the way. The car was clean and comfortable and Lucky was a very safe driver (unlike many taxi drivers in Cambodia!) Obviously not cheap, but we found it extremely worth the price for the comfort and ease of the journey. Would highly recommend!

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